4m x 3m Grizedale Log Cabin

If you’re looking for somewhere to relax and unwind after a challenging week at work, then this 4m x 3m Grizedale Log Cabin offers the perfect solution. Chalet connections feature in the corner of this cabin for a classic finish that also helps increase the structural rigidity.

Due to the large size of this 4m x 3m Grizedale Log Cabin, there is ample space inside to install sofas, a television and other general everyday furniture. We manufacture each panel using quality tongue and groove timbers, each slat interlocks together to form a tight seal that keeps draughts out and prevents water ingress. An additional bonus of this cladding is that it helps to retain heat, meaning you can use this wooden cabin all year round, regardless of the temperature outside! Glass glazed, double doors and three windows let light stream into the room, making it a light building. So whether you are using it as an office, games room, outdoor living space or as an added socialising area, you will be comfortable and warm.

The windows that we use in 4m x 3m Grizedale Log Cabin are made using safety glass, this is a safer alternative to traditional glass that is essential if you have a busy garden or young children. The apex styled roof lets rainwater run off the building to prevent build up; whilst quality roofing felt helps to protect against rot damage, keeping the building dry and protected all year round. This Log Cabin will be delivered in individual tongue and groove timber lengths and it will need to be treated with a high quality timber treatment after construction. The cabin should be constructed on a level and firm base such as concrete slabs.